We believe in providing extra ordinary services to our customers which underlies the core of our business process. Our service portfolio covers every aspect of the supply chain, including enquiry handling, assessing various options, negotiations with counterparties, providing best solution, fulfilling customer specifications, ensuring timely shipments and final payment settlements.

Research & Development

This function is concerned with knowledge of new molecule developments around the globe. We enhance the knowledge our clientage regarding new developments in pharma sector. Assisting our clients in sharing technical packages, product literature for their Quality control and research and development (R&D). Our R&D makes constant efforts to enhance our corporate image by searching the potential of specialized and new research products by undertaking marketing programs for the same. This is carried out after careful collaboration with the expert techniques of our sales team and the management. We have a process focused approach; we not only bridge the gap between you and the materials required but also help implement it into your drug design for optimum speed-to-market and the greatest impact on consumers. We provide more than just materials – it’s a comprehensive service to help get your concept to the market.

Business Development

Business development has a pivotal role in understanding the language and translating the needs of the customers which can produce results to satisfy them. The process of marketing and selling pharmaceutical raw materials involves a structured series of events orchestrated in such a way as to introduce each of the players in the market.

In today’s competitive work environment, everyone wants to maintain its share in the market through work excellence and effective customer services. Business development department collaborates with international suppliers about their new offerings and seek samples and technical know-how so we may better market their products in local market.

Admin & Operations

Administration is a support function required by all businesses – and this does not mean just doing keyboarding or filing. Routine administrative tasks include opening the mail, preparing and filing documents, sending emails and faxes. It is the most important function having highly professional and skill full team members, is responsible for the international correspondence, giving all necessary support to the sales and marketing team. Their jobs includes inquiry handling, timely quotations, business finalization, negotiations with approved vendors and giving timely information and support to valuable clients. This function is really important for the optimization of services includes the technical and clerical support for a transaction to be looked after, it completes all necessary requirements like indents, sales confirmations and records, dispatching, updating etc.

Accounts & Finance

We consider this is the most important function in the business. This is because all businesses need a regular stream of income to pay the bills. Finance staff record all the money earned and spent so that the company may know how much revenue is being generated to meet the expenditures and how much money is currently held by the business.

Sales & Marketing

Sales is a crucial function for all businesses. It is pointless having superb products or services if no one buys them. For that reason, most businesses have sales targets as part of their aims and objectives. Meeting these is the responsibility of the sales staff or sales team. Business buyers also expect a high-quality service and in-depth advice and information. Sales representatives often travel to meet potential customers, as well as routinely visiting existing customers to ensure their needs are being met. We look after customers or clients who have an enquiry, concern or complaint. Today, customer expectations are high because they expect a prompt, polite and knowledgeable response. Our trained sales staff handle enquiries and complaints positively and professionally.

Human Resource

This department is responsible for recruiting skilled, and experienced manpower according to the positions at vacancies of different departments. It is also responsible for conducting orientation programs and trainings for new staff, recognizing the best facets of staff and motivating them to achieve organization objectives.